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Bird’s Nest 燕窩

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Edible Bird’s Nest, One of Sarawak’s treasures…

Birdnest, one of the world’s most luxurious health food, which was only consumed by Chinese Emperors in ancient times…

It is largely imported from regions in Southeast Asia, the only climate suitable to breed the swiftlets (that produce bird nests) in which includes SARAWAK.

Bird’s Nest is an edible nest created by the Swiftlet using its saliva, along with other items for the purpose of breeding.  The shape of the nest is created to look like a shallow cup that is placed on the walls of caves.  The nest has high nutrients especially proteins, calcium, potassium, and other minerals, which are traditionally used for digestion, improving immune system, or alleviating symptoms of asthma. Bird’s Nest must be cleaned of all large impurities prior to consumption. These impurities can include feathers, twigs, and mud. The cleaning process is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of skill in performing. As the process is extremely tedious, there are certain individuals who will use chemicals, including chemical bleach, to clean the Bird’s Nest. Most chemicals are unhealthy and unethical to us.  Thus, when purchasing Bird’s Nest, make sure that it is a pure product with no chemical processing.

Bird’s Nests are prized in Chinese cuisine due to their rarity and high nutritional value when made into bird nest soup. For centuries, Sarawak has exported top quality nests from its extensive cave systems, and in recent years local entrepreneurs have also introduced “swiftlet-houses” for the sustainable harvesting of nests.  A number of specialist retailers offer high quality bird nests for sale at very competitive prices.





Functions of the Bird’s Nest

Pregnant Women It’s an excellent source of calcium and protein, consumption of bird’s nest during pregnancy will improve immune systems of the fetus and the mothers will be able to recover easily after giving birth. Helps to dissolve phlegm, strengthens the lungs and liver and also improve metabolism.
 Ladies It enhances the quality of our cells by stimulating new cells and at the same time strengthens the body immune system. Frequent consumption can promote youthful smooth complexion and healthier skin tone.
Men It helps to strengthen the lungs and kidneys, and improve the overall well being and health.
Elderly It helps to clear phlegm, strengthens the lungs and kidneys, improves our digestive and immune system, which are essential to improve health among the elderly.
Children An excellent source of nourishment for growth and development and improves the child’s immune system.