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Natural produce from Bario

Bario, a Borneo village located in the middle of Kelabit Highlands in northeastern Sarawak, 3280 feet above sea level. Year round average temperature of 20°C and remoteness of geographic location, far away from major cities – provide incredible landscape & clean environment for high quality & healthy food plantation.

Bario rice is cultivated by traditional method and grown with no chemicals used.

Bario rice is sticky in texture, have fine elongated grains, mild pleasant aroma and exquisite taste.

巴里奥米生产自砂劳越州东北部内陆,那片没被污染的Kelabits高原区(也称巴里奥高原)。巴里奥米的好处 纤维的良好来源 富含碳水化合物 低脂肪 大量的维生素B 不含胆固醇 不含麸质 容易消化。

Benefits of Bario Rice

  • good source of insoluble fibre
  • rich in carbohydrate
  • low in fat
  • plenty of B vitamins
  • contains only a trace of fat and no cholesterol
  • gluten free
  • easily digested