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Sarawak is awash with unexpected cultural experiences. Whether you enjoy its gastronomic delight or looking forward to some new experiences and adventures, discovering Sarawak’s rugged beauty might be a good idea for your New Year’s bucket list. So why not jump into a natural world of a hidden gem of Bung Jagoi – an old village considered the ancestral home of the Dayak Bidayuh for over 175 years. Bung Jagoi is located at the Jagoi-Bratak area in Bau, Sarawak, at the northwestern of Borneo, to be exact.

Located an hour drive from Kuching, Bung Jagoi is situated near the Malaysia-Kalimantan, Indonesia border. Bung means summit in Bidayuh Bau dialect and therefore the area is near the hilltop, about 280 metres above the sea level and surrounded by more than 500-hectare pristine forest.

查桂山(Bung Jagoi) 是一个徒步旅行地点,但在比达友语中,它是一个初学者徒步旅行或丛林徒步旅行的完美地点。


Package include: Bung Jagoi Entrace fee, Local tour guide, welcome drink,

local meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

overnight basic Bung Jagoi homestay, village & cultural tour, traditional games, night walk tour, sunrise tour at the summit, chilling at Libuan Duyoh waterfall and presentation of mountain certificate.


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