Gunung Gading National Park 加汀山国家公园

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Gunung Gading is home to the world’s largest flower, the rafflesia, which can grow up to one metre in diameter. When in bloom the flower gives off a nasty smell which attracts flies and other insects. The rafflesia has no specific season but the rainy season provides better blooming frequencies. It takes nine months to mature and flowering lasts only 4 or 5 days before dying.

Owing to the rafflesia’s rarity and brief flowering period, timing (and luck) are important. The park staff usually know when a plant is about to bloom. Visitors can check with the park HQ (Tel: +60 82 735144) or the National Parks and Wildlife Booking Office in Kuching (Tel: +60 82 248088) to find out if any plants are about to bloom or already in bloom. Although flowers generally bloom throughout the year, November, December and January can be regarded as the peak flowering season as the frequency of blooms is high.


世界上已知最大的花是莱佛士花,花朵的重量可达7公斤,最长可到1米,血红色的花瓣,锯齿般锐利的獠牙状花蕊,更不时散发出腐尸般的恶臭,以吸引以腐肉为食的昆虫前来散播花粉。 莱佛士花仅仅生长在婆罗洲,苏门答腊,和马来半岛一带,因此像要欣赏这个有“大王花”美誉的莱佛士花,位于伦乐的 加汀山国家公园 就是首选地点之一。莱佛士花的踪迹本身就足以罕见,而因为莱佛士花期短暂的特性(莱佛士花从花苞到开苞需要长达数个月,但只盛放最长一周),要碰见盛开的莱佛士花,实属需要一些运气。莱佛士花也没有特定的开花季节,但雨季确实是较多莱佛士花盛开的季节。

Estimated time with itinerary;

*8.00 am – Pick-up from the city hotel

* 2 hours journey pass by villages, small farms, and oil palm plantation.

* 10 am arrive at the park.

*Explore around the park and search for the Rafflesia flower (only during flower blooming time), take one of the trails leading to the waterfall or the viewpoint.

*12.30 pm take the return journey back to Kuching.

*2.00 pm Drop off at City Hotel.


*Wear light clothing and comfortable walking shoe.

*Bring raincoat/ poncho/umbrella, sun block lotion, insect repellent, swimwear & spare clothing.

*Wear Sunglasses and hat

*Bring some snake and  drinking water


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