Irrawaddy Dolphin 伊拉娃蒂海豚

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The Irrawaddy dolphin lives in rivers, estuaries and shallow coastal waters and Santubong is one of the best places in Sarawak to see this unusual looking dolphin. Return to the boat club around noon and transfer by road back to your hotel in Kuching.

Note: Dolphin sightings are not guaranteed.

This trip of about 3 hours explores the many branches of the Santubong and Salak River Delta systems as they join the South China Sea. Enjoy a close view of the heavily silted mangrove swamp which is a safe heaven to the myriad creatures like the reptiles, mud skippers, crabs, shell fish, monkeys, etc. The mangrove swamp sustains many different species of trees. The main species are of course the black and red mangrove, locally known as the ‘Bako’. They are used in the construction industry for piling and also as charcoal for cooking and other usage. Often mistaken as wasteland, the tidal swamp in which mangrove thrives: enjoy a symbiotic relationship with prawns, fish and other coastal organisms. The Irrawaddy, or snubfin dolphin, inhabits rivers, estuaries and shallow coastal areas. The Santubong area is one of the best places in Sarawak to view this unusual looking marine mammal. The dolphins are often swimming and diving around small boats in the estuary. Occasionally they are seen playing in the open water. Visitors will need a keen eye to spot the dolphins at first, but after a short wait they can often be seen surfacing all around the boat. Return to the boat club for transfer to your hotel.

NOTE: Wildlife sightings during the cruise are not guaranteed as all the animals in Santubong are wild!


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