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Satang Island, a hidden paradise located off the coast of Kuching City in the state of Sarawak that is not polluted by the degenerated human civilization. There are 2 Satang Island – one is Satang Kecil Island, another is Satang Besar Island.


靠近古晋的山都望海域, 沙丹岛 由两个岛屿组成,分别是大沙丹岛和小沙丹岛,而绝大部分的活动都是围绕大沙丹岛进行。 缤纷的珊瑚礁,环绕着大沙丹岛大部分的边角,淹没的古老巨岩互相依偎着,鱼群快活地在清凉的海水和珊瑚礁的庇护中畅游,形成壮观的广景。

Satang Island Cruise & Snorkelling (Day trip)

Duration: 6 Hours

Pickup Time: 0845Hrs

Included: Return Transfers / Boat Fee / Entrance Fee / Snorkeling equipment / English Speaking Guide / Packed Lunch


This cruise passes mangrove swamps and picturesque fishing villages on the way to the South China Sea.   After a short cruise through the open sea, we arrive at Satang Island, one of the three islands set aside by the government for turtle conservation.   Visit the turtle conservation and hatchery area and learn about the conservation programme (if and when it is operational). Proceed to Satang Island’s beautiful white sand beach for snorkeling amidst the wide variety of soft corals, spotting an abundance of colourful marine life. A packed lunch is included.


NOTE: Satang Island Tour is only available from April until September only.


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