Siniawan Old Town Night Market 古晋新堯湾夜市

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Siniawan, a small town in the Bau district, about 20km away from Kuching, the Capital of Sarawak. The population totals at about 3,600 people, with majority of Bidayuh (750 families) and Chinese (700 families), followed by Malay (100 families).

The Chinese are mostly originated from Guangdong Province of China, and the common dialect spoken is Hopoh Hakka.

Siniawan Night Market takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Located 21 km away from Kuching city, this small town is a beautiful place to spend the evening eating and being merry. The street is lined with old wooden townhouses, and Chinese lanterns light the street below.

Over the recent years, the old town of Siniawan has begun to really invest in their weekend night markets, promoting their traditions and cultures while breathing new life into the local economy through tourism.

新尧湾距离古晋约 21 公里, 这个几度繁荣与衰落甚至曾一度被时代所遗忘的古镇,近年来在各造积极推动下让新尧 湾镇传统文化及老街五脚基夜市重新得到人们得关注,为古镇注入了新生命。尤其是逢周末五六日晚上更是让古镇脱 胎换骨般穿上绚丽的衣裳,让络不绝的游客惊叹不已。晚上看的是绮丽的夜市生活,但白天更能让人们看到这古镇所走过的岁月痕迹。


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